Passion and love

A Company that actually cares. Most Companies tend to forget who put them where they are at, something which is sad to see in the industry. We actually take our time to contact clients on a regular basis and ensure everything is running smooth, we have account specialists who look after individual clients on a daily basis. No issues will go un-noticed, no stone un-turned - you will feel 100% love when you choose BoxSrv, our future is you and your success is ours.

Too many features to list

Here at BoxSrv over the years, we have developed a great amount of features to add to our service, and provide you with something of strong quality, something that will satisfy you, keep you happy and allow you to expand your business / website at any time and keep you problem free.

Daily backups which you can restore from the control panel at any time!
Free website building software which is easy to use and user friendly
Instant script installer with over 200 scripts to choose from
Redundant DNS
Super fast 1GBPS network connections
SMS notifications for password changes, invoices and more, free!
Support with most script related issues
True isolated accounts
Ability to set custom PHP configurations & choose from 5 versions of PHP!
Wordpress and CMS optimized servers
FREE account migration from your old host
Money back guarantee with no hassle
The list is endless...

Strong support

Something we continue to strive on, we do not outsource, we are always around to help and we are most of all, a very friendly bunch! We only hire the best and train every team member on a 1to1 basis to ensure everyone knows what they are doing, and how to do it. Not only that but we offer pure UK based 24/7 phone, ticket and chat support - Hey we are even happy to message you on our facebook page! Whatever it takes to make you happy, we do.

Don't believe it? Pick up the phone and give us a bell - +44(UK) 161 850 1614 option 1 for sales.

Quality hardware

We build our servers with speed and performance in mind. All our servers are based on dual Quad core configurations with a minimum of 16GB (DDR3) ram with some servers up to 32GB ram, why over power something you are not going to oversell? Our drive configurations are mainly based on 4 drives in RAID 10 for optimal performance and redundancy, and if the un-thinkable ever does happen, daily backups 6 nights a week, oh yes! Our switches are all hooked up to speedy 1GBPS connections allowing you to cope with demand.

Isolated accounts

All of our shared and reseller based servers run something called cloudlinux. What we essentially do with this is cage/isolate users. With this being in place, no longer will you be effected by anyone elses website using too much resource or being attacked, we can monitor and locate users within minutes and they will have already been limited by the system before it causes further problems - maximising server uptime.

Constant monitoring

All of our servers are constantly monitored across multiple servers, using a variety of tools. Some poll data every minute or so checking the web server, mysql, email, ftp, shoutcast and some graph the network usage, cpu, ram and much more - A long with that, we have plenty of alerts for any issues and are always ready to respond to any issues straight away, no waiting about for hours on end - We see it, we nip it in the bud, and get that technology functioning.

Why we were founded?

No, not the usual 'we were built due to the lack of good hosting services available' we were built on passion. All of our 'gurus' and 'geeks' love to sit at the computer, work in the datacenter, fix servers, innovate and provide to others. We get a buzz when we fix that PHP issue your site had, we get a kick out of building a server. What we do is hardwired into us and we couldn't do anything other than technology and web hosting - This is not our day job, this is our life.

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